goodbye 4 ever

goodbye all of yall im done with this stupid posing shit thrs no point of it getting all worked up 4 no reason,pretending ur some fictional book character tht u noe ur nawt  gossiping why dont u just live ur own life pretending 2 b  someone ur nawt  will get u noe where there are possibilitys of u being succesful in life and nawt sitting on the comp posing everyone calls it roleplaying but guess wut all of these so called roleplayers or posers r just little insecure  pc wannabes so why bother  why deal with this when u could be living ur own life  being u and being proud of it thrs nothing wrong with it who said everybody has 2 be this white spoiled brat  be u and be proud of it  thts exactly y im quitting bc im gonna be a succesful ritch horse jockey unlike u posers sitting on the street asking 4 spare change because u decided 2 go online and pose as a 14 yr old lisi harrison didnt rite the books 4 children 2 pose off of them but 2 teach a lesson one tht says dont be insecure be you  dont be these made up characters .if  ur religious and are awn this site  shame awn u  because gawd said dont lie dont sin.did u noe tht half or more of the united states are mentally functionally illiterate bc they didnt study they did exactly wut u r doing .and im nawt critisizing elisabeth nor samantha nor bridgette ect bc they are succesful young females making a change giving something back.so im gonna go live my life study so tht i can make it big time like one of these succesful leaders .and no im nawt a a runaway nor quitter bc im nawt running away from nobody im saving my life and others who are rreading this and are nawt gonna sit @ thr comp all year  .so bye i luv u all of my fans sawree i had 2 go but ill still chack my email


heeey gals so 2day after school of course me and the gurls headed 2 briarwood  2 check up on our bfs alicia=cam,dylan=derrington,massie=uknown,and moi=josh and as i promised i would put up a pic of josh  and indeed i will.and so later us and the boys went 2 grab some ice cream @maggie moo’s but me and josh (alone)went 2 potbelly 2 grab a straberry shake u noe the ones with a cookie @the end  we shared and walked around the park 4 a while we saw lots of dogs and stuff then after a few me and the gals met up 2 grab some clothes 2 go to the native american meuseum the one in westchester on 5th avenue 2morrow then isacc put up a fit about our curfue so we had 2 go home pretty kewl day if u ask me but heres the pic of josh and us:


Emagawd u cannot belive wut happend 2 me 2day sooo me and the pc were iming and then josh rang my doorbell and asked me 2 b his girlfriend and of course i said yes  bc im a total sucker 4 brown eyes so then he gave me a gold locket i wuz so stunned  but it only gets better then he gave me this 25,000 carat earings from mecca how adorable is this luv tht boy nxt post ill give a pic of him k bye!!

aim chatz

[TPCOnly] 7:59 pm
(7:59:31 PM):     marvilousredhead has invited you to join the “TPCOnly” AIM Blast group. Reply to this message with “!1” (no quotes) to join or “!2” to decline the invitation. Or click here for more information.
kristen4life101 7:59 pm
(7:59:50 PM):     !1
[TPCOnly] 7:59 pm
(7:59:50 PM):     Congratulations! You have successfully joined [TPCOnly]. Click here to manage your AIM Blast groups.
kristen4life101 8:00 pm
(8:00:07 PM):     hey
[TPCOnly] 8:00 pm
(8:00:10 PM):     (marvilousredhead) heyy
kristen4life101 8:02 pm
(8:02:53 PM):     ?s up
[TPCOnly] 8:03 pm
(8:03:22 PM):     (marvilousredhead) nm updating my Dyl blog.

(8:03:25 PM):     (marvilousredhead) u?
kristen4life101 8:04 pm
(8:04:17 PM):     posting watching s16 and breathing lol

(8:04:29 PM):     LAST DAY 4 EXAMS!!!
[TPCOnly] 8:04 pm
(8:04:33 PM):     (marvilousredhead) kool 🙂 oh annd I’m watching GG.
[TPCOnly] 8:04 pm
(8:04:56 PM):     (marvilousredhead) & yayy

(8:04:59 PM):     (marvilousredhead) 😉

(8:05:02 PM):     (marvilousredhead) 😀
kristen4life101 8:05 pm
(8:05:11 PM):     lol

(8:05:39 PM):     i thinx i passed  but im nawt shoore
[TPCOnly] 8:05 pm
(8:05:54 PM):     (marvilousredhead) good luck 😉

(8:05:59 PM):     (marvilousredhead) Hope u pass!
kristen4life101 8:06 pm
(8:06:12 PM):     i hope so or thr goes my grade

(8:06:20 PM):     aww thnx

(8:06:38 PM):     🙂
 [TPCOnly] is available 8:09 pm
[TPCOnly] 8:09 pm
(8:09:51 PM):     (marvilousredhead) ok so whos ur BF gonna b?

(8:10:05 PM):     (marvilousredhead) BTW can I post this chat? like ^^^^
kristen4life101 8:10 pm
(8:10:08 PM):     hmmmmm………………

(8:11:07 PM):     im kinda falling 4 dempsey but josh has my hart

(8:11:11 PM):     :-*
[TPCOnly] 8:11 pm
(8:11:20 PM):     (marvilousredhead) aww 🙂

(8:11:29 PM):     (marvilousredhead) I guess I’ll have derrington like the books
kristen4life101 8:11 pm
(8:11:58 PM):     u dnt have 2
[TPCOnly] 8:12 pm
(8:12:35 PM):     (marvilousredhead) i know.

(8:12:45 PM):     (marvilousredhead) I want 2.
kristen4life101 8:13 pm
(8:13:21 PM):     oooohhh:-*

(8:13:44 PM):     i thinx mass just got back from walking bean
[TPCOnly] 8:14 pm
(8:14:35 PM):     (marvilousredhead) yeah

(8:14:39 PM):     (marvilousredhead) 🙂

(8:15:36 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) heyy

(8:15:52 PM):     (marvilousredhead) heyy

(8:16:06 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) shopaholicmassie@gmail.com

(8:16:12 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) shopaholicmassie@aim.com
kristen4life101 8:16 pm
(8:16:41 PM):     hey mass
[TPCOnly] 8:17 pm
(8:17:10 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) heyy kris (:
kristen4life101 8:17 pm
(8:17:28 PM):     we were just tlking bout ouur new bfs

(8:17:33 PM):     so whose urs
[TPCOnly] 8:17 pm
(8:17:38 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) me??

(8:17:46 PM):     (marvilousredhead) yeah mass who r u dating now?

(8:17:50 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) I’m single (:
kristen4life101 8:17 pm
(8:17:56 PM):     dylans gawt derrington i got josh u??
[TPCOnly] 8:18 pm
(8:18:17 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) 4 now n-e ways I’m single

(8:18:36 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) I awl-ready have so much going awn O.o
kristen4life101 8:18 pm
(8:18:53 PM):     maybe dempsey i heard he has a total crush awn u

(8:19:13 PM):     josh told me

(8:19:28 PM):     brb
kristen4life101 8:46 pm
(8:46:52 PM):     back
[TPCOnly] 8:47 pm
(8:47:11 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) wb
kristen4life101 8:47 pm
(8:47:19 PM):     wb??
[TPCOnly] 8:47 pm
(8:47:28 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) welcome back
kristen4life101 8:47 pm
(8:47:38 PM):     oh

(8:47:44 PM):     wheres dylan
[TPCOnly] 8:47 pm
(8:47:45 PM):     (marvilousredhead) heyy

(8:47:47 PM):     (marvilousredhead) wb
kristen4life101 8:47 pm
(8:47:49 PM):     oh

(8:47:52 PM):     hey
[TPCOnly] 8:47 pm
(8:47:59 PM):     (marvilousredhead) sry doing math hmwrk xp
kristen4life101 8:48 pm
(8:48:38 PM):     its ok😛
[TPCOnly] 8:49 pm
(8:49:14 PM):     (shopaholicmassie) new post guys (:

(8:49:41 PM):     (marvilousredhead) k

(8:49:43 PM):     (marvilousredhead) same
kristen4life101 8:51 pm
(8:51:09 PM):     same

the game!!

heey gurls todayis finally friday i’m almost done with my exams ihave one on monday and tuesday  and thenimdone so  today josh totallylip kissed  me ..me and the pc were totally sikked it wuz awsome he”s my1st kiss im soooooooooooo excited   x’s10000 it wuz like heaven now i noe 4 shoore he likes me

kristen is here!!

heey!!and welcome to my super cute blawg if u havn’t heard i am the real kristen and the only one in the entire world welx not the entire world there r probably some others but i am thee only one tht lives in westchester ,ny and goes 2 ocd so anyways this is my new blog where i”ll post everythingall secrets told well  i might keep a few  but i’ll tell u most of them   welx gtghave 2 finish studying 4 my math test  has 2 remember 2find area of atriangle ikeep forgeting the formula bxh and then half of tht welx bye!!